When To Prune Trees in West Michigan

When To Trim Trees

When To Prune Your Trees in West Michigan
This largely depends on why you are pruning your trees. Light pruning and dead wood removal can be done anytime. Here are a few tips, but remember some tree species may differ.

Pruning in the Winter
Pruning while the plant is dormant is the most common time to prune. The results are vigorous burst of new growth in the spring time. You should avoid pruning during coldest part of winter. Certain tree species, like maples, birches and walnuts can bleed when the sap starts to flow. This is not bad and will stop when the leaf grows out.

Summer Pruning
If your goal is to slow branch or tree growth, then pruning should be done after the new seasonal growth is done. The slow growth is the result of less leaves sending food to the roots. Summer is also good time for corrective pruning.

To enhance tree flowering:

  • Prune when their flowers fade for spring blooming trees.
  • Trees that flower in mid-late summer should be pruned in winter or early spring.

Don’t Prune in Fall
Avoid pruning in the fall because fungus spores spread rapidly and can cause disease. The cuts on the trees and branches also take longer to heal.

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